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pigmentem sent: He wasn't even sure if he wanted to continue--admittedly, something as simple as kissing was overwhelming him quite a bit still. In a pleasant way, of course, but it seemed like he needed some more time to get used to these things. So, as the other withdrew, Rui simply stood there for a few moments, not really sure what to do, before he leaned up to peck the other's lips again, just briefly, and then proceeded to just bury his face in the crook of Daichi's neck.

"Heh~" Smiling softly, warmly down at the other after that peck was placed to his lips, the Green Clansman lifted a hand to gently ruffle through blond locks, eyes fluttering shut for a few short moments. He would have been find staying in this situation for longer, but the beeping of the timer on the stove going off immediately alerted him to the food being done. So, disentangling himself with a slight sense of reluctance, he offered an apologetic smile, and turned the timer off.

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